What Damages Your Roof?

yellow damage warning sign in front of roof of house damaged by heavy hurricane tornado storm

A good roof is critical to a safe, comfortable, and healthy home. The roof protects you from elements like snow, rain, and debris. The roof also helps with temperature regulations to ensure comfort all year round. And with proper care, the roof adds to your home's curb appeal.

However, the numerous benefits do not make the roof damage-proof. And the best way to prevent unexpected damage is to understand the potential causes of damage to your roof.


Trees are a beautiful addition to your yard. Trees offer shade, lower energy bills, and improve property value with proper care. But if you're not careful, trees can wreak havoc on your roof.

First, overhanging branches can rub against your roof, causing scratches and breaks. Leaves may also fall on the roof. Over time, the leaves may absorb moisture, which creates a thriving environment for moss and algae growth. These growths can be unsightly and weaken the shingles to cause premature wear.

Tree branches may block sunlight, which is essential to prevent excessive moisture. The moisture encourages moss growth, which weakens the roof. Finally, the tree or tree branches may break off in extreme weather conditions and cause damage to the roof.

So, trim the branches regularly if you have trees near your property. Let an arborist inspect the trees from time to time for signs of disease or structural damage. Then, remove a tree before it falls on your roof.

Weather Conditions

While your roof protects you from extreme weather conditions, sometimes the elements are too powerful for your roof to take. In addition, prolonged exposure to severe weather conditions can weaken your roof, leading to significant damage.

For example, strong winds can cause your shingles to rip off. This damage leaves the roof unprotected against rain, which may leak through and wreak havoc on the interior of your home.

Additionally, hail and intense rain can chip off the protective coating of your roof and make it vulnerable to further damage. And snow and ice may cause freezing and thawing, which weakens the roof and shortens its lifespan.

Intense sun rays may also cause damage to your roof. The constant exposure to UV rays can dry out the shingles, leading to cracking and allowing moisture into your home.


Although roofing materials serve you for a long time, that does not make your roof invincible. Over the years, the roof is subject to numerous harsh elements, which weaken and wear out the roof.

The roof becomes brittle and may start to show signs of cracks. The shingles may also loosen, which makes you susceptible to strong winds and sunrays. If you notice any wear or tear on the roof, contact a professional to assess the damages and make repairs as soon as possible.

Inadequate Maintenance

How you treat your roof will determine how long it lasts. You must willingly invest in quality maintenance services to keep your roof in top shape.

Adequate maintenance includes sweeping the roof and cleaning the gutters to remove any dirt, leaves, or dust. Also, let experts inspect the roof at least once annually. This way, the specialists can spot and repair damages before they escalate.

Now that you understand the potential causes of roof damage, you can take action to prevent them. The most crucial step is to entrust your roof to the experts with the right skills and knowledge to identify and fix the damages so you don't have to worry about unexpected damages.

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